Story of Education – Student’s Perspective

Hello my name is Matt and I am about to share my TRUE story of education

Childhood Concept of Education

Since my early days of schooling, I was never into education like most of the kids. I tried my best to avoid studying, as much as possible, and spent time playing games. This is because of an obvious reason, that I found games more attractive and enjoyable. At this stage, I never thought of the advantages of education, and I think I wasn’t even told about that. All I was told by my parents is to socialize, enjoy with friends and teachers in your class. To sum up, it never makes sense to go to school till the 8th grade.

High School

Things have started to make sense but the world is not easy to conquer! You have to sacrifice a lot to make sure you stood good in class; you have to be very strict with schedule, life, and plans. However, this stage has almost the same intentions as childhood but with a bit of a knowledge that education is going to play a vital role in life!

Normal Concept of Teenagers about Education – College Life

This age seems to be more sensitive because:

  • Students are not that much in control of parents
  • Life seems to be more beautiful than ever
  • Your friends / social circle is very influential for you
  • And the most important point, students try to earn! Which is good for them and parents but it comes up with a whole new package. I personally think that the more you are exposed to jobs, the more you have the potential to get away with education.

Every student is not sharp, intelligent, and has the ability to maintain balance. I have a few friends who always wanted to earn more (I wish if they wanted to Learn more), and they did against the cost of their education for a specific time frame. But when I was done with the engineering degree I was earning far better than all those who didn’t pursue their education or is some cases hardly done with an associate degree to start earning as soon as possible. All of them were looking for a short term plan!



Students Concept about Education

Even at college and university life, students were not able to understand the importance of education. For me, education is just to have a better career, and this reason is good enough to pursue for my engineering program!

What Actually Education is?

Education is not only about what degree you have. I have a strong believe that education gives you vision which is priceless. My parents used to tell me all the time that education will make you a man of honors and respect. This never makes sense for me. Now when I realize that education has actually makes me think like a sensible person. It not only makes you learn a skill and pursue a successful career, in fact it lets you make sensible decisions in life. The more you use your brain the better it will have thinking ability. Education is such a great things that it always reflects in you (from you work, family, decision, and analytical skills!) Also, that doesn’t matter which career path you have selected, the more you learn, and the better will be you!

The above mentioned point is the top most benefit of education; this is the difference that even differentiates between a proper four year bachelor graduate and vocational degree holder, which concentrates on a specific skill set. The purpose of wide range of courses in a bachelor degree is to create a coating of education on students.

Engineers, doctors and other professions that require four year degree program has a strong reason. I have done software engineering and during my span of four year degree program, I studied forty courses (5 per semesters), among those 40 courses, only 25% courses (10 courses) ever specifically related to software engineering. Why? Why I don’t just go for those specific 10 courses and get an engineering degree? This is because engineers and other four year degree program holders are respected more, not just because they have a specific skill set from specific courses BUT they have more analytical and mental capabilities, which is achieved thorough the continuer years of effort!

In short, you have to pay to get something, and what you pay for education is not even close of what actually you get! Its priceless!!!